difference between exit() and _exit()

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Old 08-12-2009
difference between exit() and _exit()

By using exit() and _exit() we can terminate a program. What is theSmilie difference between these two ???
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Old 08-12-2009
"The basic difference between exit() and _exit() is that the former performs clean-up related to user-mode constructs in the library, and calls user-supplied cleanup functions, whereas the latter performs only the kernel cleanup for the process."
read more about this on the unixguide programming page.
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Old 08-12-2009
exit() flushes io buffers and does some other things like run functions registered by atexit(). exit() invokes _end( )

_exit() just ends the process without doing that. You call _exit() from the parent process when creating a daemon for example.

Ever notice that main() is a function? Ever wonder what called it in the first place?
When a c program runs it starts of with something usually called '_start()', calls your main(), when main() returns it then calls '_end()' Some implementations of C use slightly sifferent names for _end() & _start()...

exit() and _exit() invoke _end()

Normally - for every main() there should be one & only one exit() call. (or return at the end of main() )
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Old 08-12-2009
The functions exit and _exit are equivalent except that exit calls functions registered by atexit and flushes standard I/O buffers while _exit does not.
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Old 08-13-2009
With _exit(), whether open streams are closed (without flushing) is implementation-defined.

There is also _Exit() which not many people are yet aware of. See _Exit
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