POSIX method for setting arbitrary (nonstandard) baud rate?

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Old 08-05-2009
POSIX method for setting arbitrary (nonstandard) baud rate?

I have a USB serial adapter that supports arbitrary baud rates. To set a nonstandard rate in code, I'd been using the TIOCGSERIAL like so:

struct serial_struct ser_info; 
ioctl(ser_dev, TIOCGSERIAL, &ser_info); 
ser_info.custom_divisor = ser_info.baud_base / CUST_BAUD_RATE; 
ioctl(ser_dev, TIOCSSERIAL, &ser_info);

I'd like to make this portable, but the termios serial I/O API doesn't seem to support setting nonstandard baud rates. Is there a POSIX alternative to the ioctl() for doing this

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Old 08-05-2009
That's precisely the sort of thing ioctl is for. You said it yourself -- nonstandard baud rates; there's not going to be much of a standard way to do it.
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