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how can I get to know what threads run within process java.exe on windows

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how can I get to know what threads run within process java.exe on windows

I am writing java application on windows.
There are more than 100 threads run within java.exe.
I want to know what threads run within process java.exe so that I can find out if there are abnormal java threads.
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Process Explorer can show you the threads within an application, but it can't show you the code or environment it is running, if that's what you're looking for.
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Use jdb.exe provided by Sun itself. Startup your java app using jdb.exe and issue the command 'threads'. Issue help to see more options.
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Use jconsole, shipped with any Sun JDK >= 5.0 (preferably 6).
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Thank you for reply.
I have tried jdb. It's useful for my problem.
Process Explorer is not useful for my current problem, but it's a useful tool.
I've had jdk 6.0 installed.
Thank you all again.
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