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Rotate an array

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Rotate an array

i have an array
the output should be
a[]= {4,5,1,2,3}

please help me writin this program in c.

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  1. Question: Why? Homework?
  2. Hint: for loop, offset, modulo, swap variable
# 3  
i want a generic program...
like it should work for any give numbers.
# 4  
What if the numbers are 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ?
I do not see any pattern - you need to describe outputs.
# 5  
Error Rotate an array

consider an example where an array elements are a[]={101,2,45,25,7}
the output should be { 25,7,101,2,45}
i think swapping, modulo, looping will not be the correct solution
# 6  
So you want the array to behave like a closed loop when you move numbers to the left or right? In that case: for loop, offset, modulo, swap variable OR for loop, second array, modulo, return new array
# 7  
what about maths?

the program should be easy since the only thing you have to do is a multiplication of your given array with a rotation matrix. the problem is the C program or the maths implementation and formulas?Anyway maths are good way to start learning programming.

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