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forum rules

i dont think this post is in the right section, but i couldnt really decide which one was appropriate, and this question seems simple enough, should normal users, ie non-moderators, tell other users if their post is in violation of the forum rules? like if a question is obviously a homework question, (my teacher wants us to.....) should users who are not moderators tell them, your post is against the rules.................
or should we not and let the moderators handle it? i would think that it wouldnt hurt for us to do that, but i could also see that maybe they wouldnt want us to, because maybe WE are actually making the mistake because the thread actually isnt violating rules, well id really like to know what the mods think.
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policing ourselves makes the site better.

First let me say, if someone were to read the impetus for the creation of this site, they would understand this site is for the advancement of our KNOWLEDGE of UNIX for the WORKPLACE and for HOME USERS. Practical knowledge to make our jobs easier and for personal advancement of individual knowledge.

Second, doing someone's homework for them is counter-productive and in direct opposition to Neo's reason for creating this site. I would go so far as saying it is tantamount to CHEATING. Like having a Dad do his child's homework. (( Don't take this as any reflection on the intellect of the users )) The person doesn't LEARN, they only imitate what someone has told them the answer is.

Now, as a non-moderator person, let me say that when I see blatant abuse of the no homework policy, I will speak up. Regarding posts that are borderline, I usually give a gentle warning and may give a few hints to the answer if the user is asking politely. Usually posters understand and it isn't a big deal. However, occasionally there are a few who take offense, but only a very few.

I personally don't think it is wrong for non-moderators to take active participation in this site. We are the "neighborhood watch" for this forum.

I have been posting here for over a year now, and I consider this issue to be a matter of everyone policing everyone. As long as it remains civil, I don't see any problem with it.


Thanks for asking.

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I have to say I agree with the above.
It wasn't too long ago that there were no moderators - Neo was on his own.
And there are times that a moderator will miss something blatant, or something not-so-blatant. There are times I won't log on for a week, and I've noticed other moderators do this as well.

Remeber the old Unix motto - Live Free or Die.
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I too agree.
Live Free or Die
I thought you might have ended it by saying ...

Live Free or Die ... GO BSD.

Not that I have any idea of what you usually run. Smilie
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Not that I have any idea of what you usually run
Anything that smells like Unix Smilie
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We will be rotating moderators in the next weeks or months, to give other strong forum supporters an opportunity to moderate.

Also, anyone can point out that rules are being broken..... but they must follow the rules in how they point out that rules are being broken Smilie
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