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No. post not incrementing

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No. post not incrementing

Hi Admin, i just noticed that when I do postings, the number does not increment. eg :
Post A -Total Posts 312
Post B - Total Posts 312
Post C - Total Posts 313
Post D - Total Posts 313

Why is this so? Can you kindly check this out? Thank you.
# 2  
Post count are incremented based on an internal crontab, as I recall.

I think all should be OK.
# 3  
Maybe you're not getting what I meant.. check out this link and see the posts which I've made (right corner).
ssh logon
# 5  
The posts are not individually numbered. When you make post 312, all 312 posts will then show up with 312 as the post count. When the server builds the image, it retrieves your current post count.
# 6  
Yes, post count is a number that represents the total number of posts for a user, it is not a sequence of numbering user posts.

That is why it is called "Posts" it it not called "Post Number by Users" ... etc.
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