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Old 03-08-2002
Recent Changes To Forum ...

Hi all,
Have noticed that changes have been made to the forum's main page.
The number of new posts/threads is no longer active/visible.

Is this a tempoary amendment or a permanent one?
Whilst I can not speak for all, I actually refered to the missing line each time I logged on.
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Old 03-08-2002
The line you are talking about is considered 'a hack' by vBulletin, not part of the supported distribution. So, when we had them and then vBulletin puts out a security patch or upgrade, the 'hacks' are all lost, overwritten by the vB upgrade.

So, we have to install the 'vb hacks' all over again! I was not planning on installing them because it takes lots of time... but since you like the "New Threads, New Posts" hack, then I will find time to reinstall it (again).... and again, and again Smilie

Installing vB hacks is really time consuming... and because you have to reinstall them each time you upgrade to a new vB release..... they really add a lot of time to forum upkeep.......

Thanks for the note... glad you liked that hack... since you do, I'll find time to reinstall for you. I liked that one too.... it is nice to know the number of new posts and threads each time you visit!! Smilie
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Old 03-08-2002
OK, done in most forum themes..... thanks again for the note. Neo

BTW: I am working to integrate the vB portal into the site ..... there is a version that works with vBulletin.... so far, integration has been 'not the most fun thing I've ever done ...' Smilie
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