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downloads on sidekicks

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Old 08-16-2006
downloads on sidekicks

I downloaded the terminal client on my sidekick one and I am trying to figure out what is the right host to log in to unix,in order to use its feature.

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CATDIC(1)						      General Commands Manual							 CATDIC(1)

catdic - Download a dictionary SYNOPSIS
catdic [{-cs|-cannaserver} canna-server] [-i|-u user-name] remote-dic [-l local-file] DESCRIPTION
catdic downloads a dictionary file to the current directory. The file downloaded is a dictionary file the dictionary name of which is remote-dic. It is in the user dictionary directory of the machine on which cannaserver(1M) is in operation. (Hereafter, this machine is called the remote host.) OPTIONS
-cs canna-server (or -cannaserver canna-server) Specifies the name of the server machine that contains a dictionary to be downloaded. -i Downloads the system dictionary. -u user-name Specifies the user name. Another user's dictionary can be referenced by this user name. -l local-file local-file is the dictionary file name. If it is omitted, the standard output will be assumed. EXAMPLES
% catdic test Outputs the contents of dictionary file ``test'' on the remote host, to the standard output. % catdic test -l test2.t Downloads dictionary file ``test'' on the remote host to current directory file ``test2.t''. SEE ALSO
cannaserver(1M), lsdic(1), mkdic(1) CATDIC(1)

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