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downloads on sidekicks

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Old 08-16-2006
downloads on sidekicks

I downloaded the terminal client on my sidekick one and I am trying to figure out what is the right host to log in to unix,in order to use its feature.

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apt-offline(8)							   USER COMMANDS						    apt-offline(8)

apt-offline - Offline APT Package manager SYNOPSIS
apt-offline brings offline package management functionality to Debian based system. It can be used to download packages and its dependen- cies to be installed later on (or required to update) a disconnected machine. Packages can be downloaded from a different connected machine. It can also fetch bug reports for the packages that are downloaded. Unless the -h/-v or --help/--version options are given, one of the get, set or install commands must be provided. set FILENAME [-h] [--install-packages PKG...PKG_N] [--install-src-packages PKG...PKG_N] --src-build-dep [--release release_name] [--update] [--upgrade] [--upgrade-type upgrade] set generates a signature file with the data required to install on or update the disconnected machine. FILENAME {apt-offline.sig} is the signature file generated on the machine. This file will contain all the information necessary for apt. --install-packages [PKG...PKG_N] Packages that need to be installed --install-src-packages [PKG...PKG_N] Source packages that need to be installed --src-build-dep Download Build Dependency packages for the source packages requested --release release_name Release target to install packages from --update Generate APT Database signature for an update. This is the equivalent of using apt-get update --upgrade Generate APT Database signature for package upgrade. This is the equivalent of using apt-get upgrade --upgrade-type {upgrade_type} Type of upgrade you would like to perform. Default is upgrade . Other valid types are dist-upgrade and dselect-upgrade get FILENAME [-h] [--socket-timeout ] [-d / --download-dir] [-s / --cache-dir] [--no-checksum] [-t / --threads ] [--bundle] [--bug-reports] [--proxy-host] [--proxy-port] get downloads APT data as per a signature file. FILENAME {apt-offline.sig} is the signature file required for details about data to be downloaded. This file should have been generated by the above set command. -d, --download-dir DIR_NAME Download data to the specified DIR_NAME folder. If no folder name is specified, data is downloaded to a folder in the TEMPDIR path in the format apt-offline-download-$PID -s, --cache-dir DIR_NAME Look for data in the cache before downloading it from the internet. If you are on a Debian box, you would want to specify /var/cache/apt/archives here. If the data is not available in the cache, the downloaded data is also copied to the cache. --no-checksum Enabling this option will bypass the checksum verification of each downloaded file thus losing integrity of the package. Usage of this option is highly discouraged -t, --threads NUM_OF_THREADS Number of threads to spawn for downloads. Default is 1. Using too many threads can overload the servers, hence it is advisable to keep the number low --bundle FILENAME Create an archive file FILENAME. The file is archived in zip format --bug-reports Download bug reports for packages that are being downloaded. Currently only the Debian BTS is supported. --proxy-host Specify the Proxy Host to be used. --proxy-port Specify the Proxy port number to be used. install FILE/FOLDER [-h] [--skip-bug-reports ] [--install-src-path PATH] [--allow-unauthenticated] install installs APT data to the APT package database and updates it. FILE {archive_bundle_file} Install data from the archive (bundle) file. FOLDER Install data from the folder path. Either FILE or FOLDER argument can be provided to the install command. --skip-bug-reports Skip listing of downloaded bug reports, if any. --allow-unauthenticated Don't verify GPG signatures for the data to be installed to APT. Usage of this option is highly discouraged. --install-src-path PATH Path to filesystem where we want the source packages to be installed to. Default will be a folder in your TEMPDIR. GLOBAL OPTIONS
-h, --help Show help message --verbose Run in verbose mode --test-windows Developer only. Used for testing on windows -v, --version Display the version of the program EXAMPLES
To keep your disconnected machine up-to-date, here is a typical workflow NOTE: argument/option handling apt-offline relies on argparse for argument/option parsing. To explicitly instruct apt-offline about an argument, you can pass it with the -- delimiter. Ex. apt-offline set --update --upgrade --install-packages wm2 -- foo.sig By specifying the -- delimiter, we instruct apt-offline that foo.sig is an argument to the apt-offline command and not to the --install-packages option. apt-offline set FILENAME This command will generate a signature file FILENAME for APT Package Database. To generate only the signature for updates, use the --update option. To generate only the signature for package upgrades, use the --upgrade option. Default behavior when no options are specified is to generate a signature for both the operations. apt-offline get FILENAME This command will fetch the data required for APT Package Database as per the signature file FILENAME generated by apt-offline get. To download bug reports also use the --bug-reports option. Currently supported bug tracker is Debian BTS only. By default, if nei- ther of -d or --bundle options are specified, apt-offline downloads data into a folder inside the TEMPDIR environment folder in the format apt-offline-downloads-PID, where PID is the PID of the running apt-offline process. Example on a linux machine would be some- thing like: /tmp/apt-offline-downloads-23242/ apt-offline install FILE|FOLDER This command will sync the data downloaded by apt-offline get to the APT Package Database and update it. Depending on where the data was downloaded to or packed into, either the absolute FOLDER path or the archive FILE path can be specified. AUTHOR
apt-offline is written by Ritesh Raj Sarraf ( If you wish to report a bug in apt-offline, please see or send an email to me at SEE ALSO
apt-get(8), apt-cache(8), dpkg(8), aptitude(8), DEDICATION
This software is dedicated to the memory of my father Santosh Kumar Sarraf. We miss you a lot. version 1.1 April, 2011 apt-offline(8)

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