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Newbie reports: some posts show only the title and bottom-of-page menu. No text in the middle!

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Newbie reports: some posts show only the title and bottom-of-page menu. No text in the middle!

When I try to look at some of the posts (like "Rookie Grandmother"), I see the thread title and the menu at the bottom, but not the text of the post in the middle. I can see ALL of the posts in the Recent menu, but NONE of the others.

The screenshot I attached shows the situation.

I just joined. Am I already doing it all wrong already?
Newbie reports: some posts show only the title and bottom-of-page menu. No text in the middle!-screenshot-2019-02-03-185725png

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Will look into it.

Does this happen on all discussions threads or just a few of them?
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Thanks for the bug report.


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