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Restriction of adding links is too restrictive

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Restriction of adding links is too restrictive

I am trying to write a shell script that generates links to a website. Not to spam it. The code necessarily adds things that are links, and so get rejected.

In the end I have up, and have not written the post.

Whilst I apprecaite you want to avoid spam, could you not implement something so any page with a link has a noindex, nofollow, and advise people that links will not be followed?

Apache often often runs on unix systems, and people will want to write scripts that do things related to Apache and websites.

Also, the Google capture thing is getting very hard for a human. Often 1% of a screen sign for example will be in one square.

I know spammers are a problem, but the restrictions make this site unusable for me.
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Understood but we do not permit anyone to posts links until they have meet our minimium posting requirement.

Thank you for your comment.
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