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Pm for user 'mrmurdock'

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Old 06-12-2018
0ddentity 0ddentity is offline
Registered User
Pm for user 'mrmurdock'


Found an article on this site while googling.. since I'm new I'm not permitted to pm/email a user, hence this awkward message.

.../hp-ux/137012-secure-web-console-firmware dot html

Can someone pass on a message to user mrmurdock who wrote this article, to see if he/she ever located the secure web console firmware mentioned therein?

Much appreciated,

Old 06-12-2018
bakunin bakunin is offline Forum Staff  
Bughunter Extraordinaire
Why don't you just ask in the thread? the idea of this forum is to let people not only profit from getting direct answers to their questions but also eventually help anybody with the same problem because question and answer are both public.

Maybe someone else can profit from the answer you might get. Although, taking into account that the thread is 8 years old, i wouldn't get my hopes all too high.

All the best and have fun here.


Moderator's Comments:
Pm for user 'mrmurdock' PS: i was noticed (thanks, RudiC) that the thread was closed, so i have reopened it for you.

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Old 06-12-2018
0ddentity 0ddentity is offline
Registered User

Thanks and sure I will probably do that, but since the guy was clearly interested in the specific device he's most likely to have that product specific info and a direct message is most likely to yield that. Hence the request.

Old 06-13-2018
mrmurdock mrmurdock is offline
Registered User
No, I couldn't find the firmware and HP wouldn't release any old firmware they may have in their archives, so I ended up tossing the Web Consoles, and have eventually decommissioned (finally) the old servers and replaced with IA64's . The few PA-RISC servers without the built-in Remote Consoles, that we have, now are attached to Serial Port Concentrators.
I guess, thanks for the concern.
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