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Thread / post doesn't open

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Thread / post doesn't open

Dear colleagues,

this post doesn't open; error message:

The page isn't redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
Anything we / I can do?


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pcap_activate - activate a capture handle SYNOPSIS
#include <pcap/pcap.h> int pcap_activate(pcap_t *p); DESCRIPTION
pcap_activate() is used to activate a packet capture handle to look at packets on the network, with the options that were set on the handle being in effect. RETURN VALUE
pcap_activate() returns 0 on success without warnings, PCAP_WARNING_PROMISC_NOTSUP on success on a device that doesn't support promiscuous mode if promiscuous mode was requested, PCAP_WARNING_TSTAMP_TYPE_NOTSUP on success if the time stamp type specified in a previous pcap_set_tstamp_type() call isn't supported by the capture source (the time stamp type is left as the default), PCAP_WARNING on success with any other warning, PCAP_ERROR_ACTIVATED if the handle has already been activated, PCAP_ERROR_NO_SUCH_DEVICE if the capture source specified when the handle was created doesn't exist, PCAP_ERROR_PERM_DENIED if the process doesn't have permission to open the capture source, PCAP_ERROR_PROMISC_PERM_DENIED if the process has permission to open the capture source but doesn't have permission to put it into promiscuous mode, PCAP_ERROR_RFMON_NOTSUP if monitor mode was specified but the capture source doesn't support monitor mode, PCAP_ERROR_IFACE_NOT_UP if the capture source is not up, and PCAP_ERROR if another error occurred. If PCAP_WARNING or PCAP_ERROR is returned, pcap_geterr() or pcap_perror() may be called with p as an argument to fetch or display a message describing the warning or error. If PCAP_WARNING_PROMISC_NOTSUP, PCAP_ERROR_NO_SUCH_DEVICE, or PCAP_ERROR_PERM_DENIED is returned, pcap_geterr() or pcap_perror() may be called with p as an argument to fetch or display an message giving additional details about the problem that might be useful for debugging the problem if it's unexpected. SEE ALSO
pcap(3PCAP) 5 April 2008 PCAP_ACTIVATE(3PCAP)

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