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Response from upper midwest


From north-central USA via CenturyLink.

Response has been sluggish here for a few weeks, and just now it has taken 10-15 seconds to see a link.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl

PS And this post took more than 40 seconds to complete initially.

I check the network speed every morning. This morning it was just under 40 Mbps.
# 9  

Hopefully it's better now.

Seems there was some corruption in the Database, and I ran some utilities to optimize and repair the db and it works much better now.

I think we may be "good to go!" now.
# 10  

Just optimized the db and the site is running fast again; so please remind me if the site "goes slow" again to optimize the db.

This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
# 11  
Yes, it's back to its usual response behaviour. Thank you!
# 12  

Next time anyone reports of a perceived slowdown, I'm running this command:

mysqlcheck -u<user> -p --optimize --databases <dbname>;

... before spending hours trying to find the problem LOL

Also, consider:

mysqlcheck -u <user> -p --auto-repair -c -o --databases <dbname>;

# 13  
Couldn't this be done on a regular basis, e.g. weekly?
# 14  
Yes, it could be done in a trivially simple weekly script from a cron file at 3AM during the weekend every weekend.


(PS: Anyway, I'll just do it manually.... I am not very comfortable running batch commands against the DB without being "in the loop" ... )

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