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Regarding not able to access site

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Regarding not able to access site

Hello MODs/Admins,

Could you please help me here as from last 6 to 7 days I(and checked with my fellow friends too) am not able to access site at all. It is very very slow, it never loads completely. Even I checked with different people and different computers it results same only, following are few screen shots on same, will be grateful if you could check on same.

EDIT: After trying so many time I am not able to add scree shots also here. Will be grateful if this could be fixed/addressed.

R. Singh
Regarding not able to access site-issue_1jpg
Regarding not able to access site-issue_2jpg

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Hi, R. Singh .

I have been able to get to the site every time recently.

However, I have noticed messages about database errors, which then require me to wait -- perhaps 30 seconds -- then a reload allows the requested page to appear.

I have not tried to upload any images (nor any other kind of file).

I am connecting from a number of places in the state of Minnesota, USA (place depends on the ISP: CenturyLink).

Hope things get better for you ... cheers, drl

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Also I have seen sporadic DB errors, but this only happened with a slow mobile connection on my smartphone.
The other thing with a smartphone: it defaults to "mobile" connection that does not display everything and advertises Tapatalk at the top. I have not installed Tapatalk, instead have selected a "desktop" connection (in Chrome click on the : menu in the upper right corner, in Safari click&hold the refresh icon in the upper right corner).
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Hello drl/Made In Germany,

I attached the images now somehow, it took me 30 mins or so Smilie. This post is also taking time and this is 3rd time I am trying to post it. It may be DNS issue where a single or 2 app servers are the culprits?

PS: Not able to open the images also which I attached too.

R. Singh
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What browser and OS are you using?
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
What browser and OS are you using?
Hello MadeInGermany,

I checked in win8, win8.1, windows server 2008 R2 O.S, for browsers checked in IE(usual one 11 and 8 which I always use and no issues in it), mozila and chrome with different pcs and checked with different people also on different network and different places and same issue only. Finally I decided to report it back to community.

R. Singh
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You get the same misbehavior with different browsers?
Maybe you have configured a common Web proxy? (Where maybe the cache disk is full?)

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