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UNIX automation

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UNIX automation

I am using netteza server and i have a list of table names. I need to fetch all the data from these tables and need to create seperate zip files and store in a folder in the server. How can we automate this process.
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Guess what... In order to give you a reasonable answer to this question, we need the same kind of information I asked for (and never received) on the last thread you started:
Which UNIX operating system are you using?

What shell are you using?

What is the format of your table?

Where is this table stored? If it is in a file, what type of file is it?

What have you tried to solve this problem on your own?

Is this a homework assignment?
Before you automate something, you typically do each of the steps manually and then automate those steps. So, in addition to the questions above:
  • In what form is your list of table names?
  • What commands would you run (please show us each command exactly as you would type it into your shell (in CODE tags)) to fetch all the data from one of your tables, to create a zip file for that table, and to store the data from that table in a directory on the server.
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