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Old 01-10-2001

Just wanted to say great website and thank you...

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Generally speaking, programs do not start out as source code.
True or False?

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For the Admins, rouge advert(s)...

Hi guys this problem exists on all my machines... Windows 8.1, Ubuntu, iMac and this MBP. All use fireFox, latest current version. If I log in there is NOT a problem. I usually enter this site as an outsider and I have noticed that there is some rouge code and/or advert that slows the... (5 Replies)
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Thank you members and admins

Got a raise and a formal position of 'unix system engineer' in 2016. I would like to thank you members and admins. This would not be possible without you. I will mention some.. Thank you Don, for making me learn and understand the importance of standards, which i try to apply as much as i... (3 Replies)
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admins and moderators..

hi admins and moderators, thread : my first thread in the forum.. i thought of some other answer. i like to tell you to delete that thread.. or tell anyother answer.. (1 Reply)
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Wanted(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					       Wanted(3pm)

File::Find::Wanted - More obvious wrapper around File::Find VERSION
Version 1.00 SYNOPSIS
File::Find is a great module, except that it doesn't actually find anything. Its "find()" function walks a directory tree and calls a callback function. Unfortunately, the callback function is deceptively called "wanted", which implies that it should return a boolean saying whether you want the file. That's not how it works. Most of the time you call "find()", you just want to build a list of files. There are other modules that do this for you, most notably Richard Clamp's great File::Find::Rule, but in many cases, it's overkill, and you need to learn a new syntax. With the "find_wanted" function, you supply a callback sub and a list of starting directories, but the sub actually should return a boolean saying whether you want the file in your list or not. To get a list of all files ending in .jpg: my @files = find_wanted( sub { -f && /.jpg$/ }, $dir ); For a list of all directories that are not CVS or .svn: my @files = find_wanted( sub { -d && !/^(CVS|.svn)$/ }, $dir ) ); It's easy, direct, and simple. WHY DO THIS
? The cynical may say "that's just the same as doing this": my @files; find( sub { push @files, $File::Find::name if -f && /.jpg$/ }, $dir ); Sure it is, but File::Find::Wanted makes it more obvious, and saves a line of code. That's worth it to me. I'd like it if find_wanted() made its way into the File::Find distro, but for now, this will do. FUNCTIONS
find_wanted( &wanted, @directories ) Descends through @directories, calling the wanted function as it finds each file. The function returns a list of all the files and directories for which the wanted function returned a true value. This is just a wrapper around "File::Find::find()". See File::Find for details on how to modify its behavior. COPYRIGHT &; LICENSE Copyright 2005-2012 Andy Lester. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License v2.0. perl v5.14.2 2012-06-08 Wanted(3pm)

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