I want to consult about 4th of Forum Rules

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I want to consult about 4th of Forum Rules

Hi, Admin,
because my English is very poor, So I don't understand very well about 4th of Forum Rules, that is “Do not 'bump up' questions if they are not answered promptly. No duplicate or cross-posting and do not report a post”.

My question is:
if I created a new thread, and some people reply to me, but they have some confusion and ask me some speific requirement.
if I answer to them continuely afterwards, is this allowed and permissible?

I am look forward to your reply and help.
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That is permissible and desired - to answer and clarify.

We just do not want posts like:
"Any one have ideas?" - that merely move up to top of recent posts.
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Thank you very much for your kindness help and explanation.

I answered my post carelessly and unintentionally yesterday, the reply is that Who can help me and give me an suggestion and instruction.

In a few time, I received a private message about bump up post and give me an warning.

unfortunately, my Bits from 100 to -25000, and I am feeling very depressed.
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Back in the positive for bits

I moved some bits to your account to make your account positive again.
I know that you previously had difficulty in getting your account properly configured.
Hope you continue to use the forum. Whenever you have a question, please post in this area.
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