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"UNIX.com is not a free scriptwriting service"

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Old 04-30-2013
"UNIX.com is not a free scriptwriting service"

unix.com is not a free scriptwriting service
I saw this posted a few days ago by corona688. I've been on the forums a few months. It's really great. But at least some of the posters do seem to use it as a free scriptwriting service. That seems maybe a wrong use of the forum. Also, I would suggest when the poster is just given the answer, basically "spoon-fed", they don't learn how to solve problems themselves.

But I can see the other side of the issue. Maybe many posters don't want to learn or don't have the time, just prefer to be spoon-fed. And it can be interesting to see the experts try to come up with solutions to vaguely worded requests. And I know that having too many "rules" can be constrictive.

Anyway, I would like to suggest maybe adding something like the following numbered point to the rules:

unix.com is not a free scriptwriting service. If posting
a scripting question, make your best effort to solve
the problem first, and show what you have tried.
The forums have been operating for many years, apparently quite well. I suspect the rules have been well figured out by the dedicated moderators / admins. So if my suggestion is ignored, that's understandable and fine with me.

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Old 04-30-2013
Hi hanson44...

I am one for giving what limited knowledge I have away...

The AudioScope project on this site is but one...

When I first started I was half expecting the Moderators to lock it as the rules did not
explain that you could develop a project like an app' on say SourceForge...
Gladly they are letting it run and from the thread one can see the progression.

I am an amateur coder and code in its simplest form for youngsters to understand...
I don't expect the members to give me any information without researching first.
The answer to my questions via the WWW has often brought me here sometimes
with results sometimes not.

I really don't understand that some of the questions, from so-called professionals,
I could work out, and, I can only do it in my own time...

My motto is: Do it longhand first with the most childish of coding to get a working
model, then once working, improve upon it or create a new super-model...

But then, I code to work, not, work to code...

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Old 04-30-2013
I would go with hanson and Corona on this case. I have seen few posts like that too!
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Old 04-30-2013
What you wrote is what is fact and the spirit of the forums, as I do understand them.
There is no problem that some people that can't learn because of different reasons like lack of time, stress, whatever.
There is no problem for people asking for solutions generally of course.

Though there is a problem when people just ask things that can be very easily googled and much more of a problem when people very often come here to ask for solutions, which tends to the fact, that others do their job which is definetly not wanted here.
There is tons of people asking and asking again for solutions and often quite related to things they asked already, but when being asked to show something of their own efforts, they are often showing nothing or trying to avoid/sneak past it.
We really have no problem with people trying and failing, but we dislike the lazy ones and plain "leechers" that have others their work done.

These are really not welcome here and they get internal notes to their accounts so that fellow staff members are aware of that.

My 2 cents to that Smilie

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Old 04-30-2013
Personally I like some of the challenges and if I can offer a solution, I am very happy if:-
  • It works in a way that the requestor wanted
  • Someone else shows a better way & I learn too
  • Someone else points out a design flaw & I learn too
  • The question stretches me to things I would not normally consider - finding examples for 'coding practice'

I think if you object to those who make no effort to collaborate, then don't post to them. It's a personal choice and I'm sure I too may be considered guilty when I've posted something I just don't understand the concept of, so could not illustrate it - early exploring SFTP for a starter, I'm sure.

Perhaps where there is a Thanks button, would could include a Leech button (probably get a better name for this) and log penalties that would both warn the offender and eventually suspend them, however this may require policing to prevent abuse and I worry I may also be cited needlessly, so there would need to be an appeal to moderator and that would cost them for more of their time, which I'm sure we're all grateful they donate for free already.

It's just an option, but I would be happy just to blank those that do not make an effort themselves. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise if I am an offender myself.

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Old 04-30-2013
No need to be sorry. It is always a personal decision if someone wants to help or not.
Though often the negative examples stay in mind when OPs are extremely lazy - but this is no witch hunt or anything like that.
There is notes being taken usually for bad behaviour of OPs, not the helpful people, so... Smilie
The notes I mentioned or "feelings" to posters is to have some kind of exchange inside the staff, how people are flagged for us so that we can take care, or just don´t have to care, because they are very helpful etc.
Keep on posting, no need to feel guilty Smilie
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Old 05-01-2013
hanson44, I noticed you are so against "spoon-feeding" and even suggested adding a rule.

But how do you explain this thread !! Smilie

I see vgersh99 requested OP to post his/her thoughts or efforts and details regarding where he/she is stuck. But you literally "spoon-fed" OP without even waiting for his/her response!

I'm just saying... Smilie
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