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Event Prediction - Euro 2012

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Old 06-25-2012
Event Prediction - Euro 2012

Please add this new "event".

Who will win Euro 2012?

# 2  
Old 06-25-2012
We should appoint you Events Manager, or some such, as you're the only member who seems to contribute to this!

Event added.

As an incentive to others to bet, I've bet 100000 bits on each team.

I have a good feeling about Germany, though!

Place your bets!
These 2 Users Gave Thanks to Scott For This Post:
# 3  
Old 06-26-2012
Thanks for the bits!

I was actually going to give up on the Events thing so it is nice to hear that I can be of a little help.
# 4  
Old 06-26-2012
Yah, we should make ni2 the "Events Manager".... because I think if we have someone posting and managing events, more people (including me) will play.

@Scott, is this possible?
# 5  
Old 06-26-2012
Everything is possible. Well, Scotland winning the World Cup is maybe pushing it, but I'll have a look Smilie
# 6  
Old 06-26-2012
We have a new "Event Predictions Manager"!

Hello ni2.

You are now able to create and manage events in the Events Predictor.

Thank you for contributing to this interesting, if under-utilised, feature.

Good luck!
# 7  
Old 06-27-2012
Thank you.

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