The logo - anyone else seeing this?

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The logo - anyone else seeing this?

Hi All
I'm not sure if anyone else notices this or not - however when I view the forums in Windows, the flash logo at the top of the page absolutely kills my performance - CPU usage rockets to 100%! If you open the task manager and monitor performance, and slowly scroll down so that the logo is no longer visible, CPU usage goes back down to 2-10%. If you scroll back up to view the logo, back it goes to 100%.

Before anyone says 'serves you right for using Windows' this also happens on my Mandrake Linux box (9.1) when using Konqueror - when forums are in the browser, user CPU usage goes up to a consistent 95%, navigate away from to another site, and it falls back down to 5%.

Anyone else seeing this?
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yes, this has been addressed before. the solution is simple, switch to another theme.
go here: and scroll to the bottom of the page.
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