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Old 12-18-2003
Java Opinion

I am new at this site and at unix. I was reading some answers that the administrators and moderators have posted to others, and sometimes I feel like their a little sarcastic.
I am asking just to be patient to me, I know nothing about unix but I do want to learn, and I think that positive answers will encourage people to keep studying and learning.

Thank you.
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Old 12-18-2003
We on this site expect users to read and follow the rules for the benefit of the entire community.

If users would like admins and moderators to be patient, then users should also be patient and take the time to read the rules and to follow them (all of them). The rules work well and have purpose.

One of the most important rules is to search the forums before asking questions. All of the admins and moderators have other jobs and it is up to the poster to respect that and to do some homework on their own before asking for help.

Also, I think the moderators here do a great job. They will, however, encourage all posters to read the rules and to search before posting. If you have a particular problem with a specfic post, please post the link in this thread and your concerns.

I can take action on specifics as the administrator. Do you have a particular post or reply you find offensive?

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Old 12-18-2003
we always try to give positive answers, that is one of the reasons that this site is so helpful to others. i could imagine sometimes a response could be a little sarcastic, especially if the question was a little, well how could i put this, well the question could haev ben answered by the person asking it if only they had dont a little bit of research on their own. however beyond that, i have NEVER seen any moderator here flat out flame, or insult anyone, nor have i ever seen any moderator give misleading, or unhelpful answers. i can assure you that any response by a moderator is a helpful one. and anything you interpret to be sarcastic, just realize that it is probably good natured and no harm was every intended Smilie .
also remember another thing that is very important, though it is easy to get mad at someone on an online BBS, you are on the INTERNET. there is no reason whatsoever to take anything to heart that is illnatured.

also this is the friendliest site i have ever been on. i am a member of a few other forums and people can be VERY meanSmilie . you will also see that any threads containing any flames are locked right away. if you look at the rules youw ill see that NO FLAMES etc etc is one of them. and we enforce ALL of the rules here.

this is a good place to learn, AND to help others.
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Old 12-18-2003
Thank you for your answers. I find this site really helpfull, but since I am new, I am a little afraid that others may laugh at my ignorance :P, and I'll be thankfull for all your answers.
I do read the rules, and I have seen some locked messages too; and well I have been reading some unix books at my school, but sometimes I don't even know where to start.

Thank you sincerly.
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Old 12-18-2003
I don't even know where to start.
thats alright, everyone is here to point you in the right direction!.....even if that involves telling you to search google. Smilie
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Old 12-18-2003
Originally posted by HN19
...since I am new, I am a little afraid that others may laugh at my ignorance...

.. but sometimes I don't even know where to start.
you made 2 good points here.

to address those 2 issues:

when learning anything new i think alot of people feel the same way. a bit timid. the best way to ensure you are asking a good question is to do the following:

1) search the site for related topics to your question. (read them and try to follow along)
2) search google groups or other usenet sites. (this helps you get a broad answer and more times then not you will find an answer)
3) lastly if you cant find any info about your topic or are haveing trouble w/ a piece of info. post it up but try to be as specific as possable.

4) this is a bonus but goto your local book store and grab a book and a coffee and read through a section or two adn see if you cant find a helpful solution to your issue. (alot of people use a book store as a library. kinda a bonus if yo have a good bookstore close by)
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Old 12-18-2003
For myself, I take no pleasure in flaming others; quite the opposite. I had teachers that were patient with me, and I try to emulate their examples. At the same time, the purpose of the unix.com (as I understand it) is to expand everyone's knowledge, not just to solve a problem that has no other effort thrown after it than a mere forum posting.

I hope people come here, learn and then springboard beyond. Too often people learn a "trick" or a quick "solution" to a problem, but never gain a conceptual understanding and are therefore doomed to always being dependent on the knowledge of others.


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