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Greet name..

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Greet name..

Is there a place to set how I want to be greeted when I log on to this great site? It says "Welcome, [my username]"...
I have searched the edit profile panel and related panels, to no avail.

I would like to have it say "Welcome, [my actual/nick name]" so that I can be semi-anonymous and not be identifiable by my username (to an onlooker).

Welcome, Matt!, for example, would be ideal at this point. LOL.

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If you wanted to be anonymous, you should have created an account with an a public name you are comfortable with and not a name you are not comfortable with.
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I think you misunderstood slightly. I believe the question relates to "over the shoulder" reading of the username. The idea being to hide the username in the title bar so that the person sitting next to you cannot see that you are logged in using a given username.

I would suggest that a better general approach, so that you don't have to depend on various web software is to use one of these: 3M : Computer Filters: Product Information
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Yes, perhaps I misunderstood.

You are saying that the question relates to hiding any users name, even if the user name is, for example "My Secret", the user would like to hide that as well, with a generic, "Welcome, John" or whatever.

I can check to see if vB has a plugin for that, if it is really a desired feature.

No one has ever asked for that before.
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I searched vB plugins and did not find anything offhand.

If we wanted to implement this, it would be very easy, of course.

But with only one request to do this over the years, I'm not sure we should implement this feature request.
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OK. Not a big deal. I just thought it would be nicer to be greeted by my name then by my login userid. The side benefit I saw was that it provided a bit of anonymity in the sense that it doesn't matter if I'm in a library or at work, my name (or nickname - fake or real) would be what people (or coworkers see) instead of my username/userid. Hence, if they see just 'Matt' or 'Dave' (assuming there are thousands of Matt or Dave on this site), for example, they can't go track down what all my issues were and see how lamo some of my questions may have been or how much time I spend helping other people instead of doing my work...LOL. Just kidding about the last part but I'm sure there must be people out there who sees the side benefit as well, no? I have no issues with my username though, but thank you for your responses.
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Hi giannicello,

We will keep watch on vbulletin plugins and if anything comes up (a supported plug in) that provides what you are looking for, we will install it.

Since there is not a great demand for what you asked for (you are the only one so far!), I hope you understand why we don't create custom code.

Thanks for your post.

Also, thanks to reborg for explaining to me what giannicello was asking about.


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