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Old 05-30-2003
HTML is causing problems

I have to suggest that we turn HTML back off. The problem is that angle brackets are used in code and this is causing stuff to get dropped from posts.

I know that we can use the constructs that PxT mentions in this thread. But look how hard it is to educate folks about code tags and the search function. The truth is that we are going to see a lot of broken posts now.

And if we edit all of the posts so that the angle brackets show up with html on, we are stuck. If we turn html off, the post will now look like garbage. I don't know how to post code that looks right both with html on and off.

Another approach might be to disable html only inside of code tags.
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Old 05-30-2003
Is it able to tweak the vb source code a little bit to detect and change all < > to &lt; and &gt; ? I have previously seen some vb forums did this, but I forgot where. It should not be a big fix I think.
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Old 06-01-2003
Wow I started a new thread (now deleted) with the same topic as this one.. just didn't see this thread first..

Personally, I agree with Perderabo. Although it will allow for more dynamic posts with insertions of pictures and such, the VB code has always seemed more than adequate to me. Most unix scripts have < and > and &, etc in them, so we can't just copy and paste code anymore. Now we have to go through each one we post and make sure there are no characters that will be interpreted as an html character..

I'm also wondering how many old posts where someone just posted code like:

for i in `ls`
&nbsp;&nbsp;<do stuff to $i>

will show up as:

for i in `ls`

because the part in carats is interpreted as some html tag and doesn't show up..

And if we insert html like &amp;nbsp; and such, and then html has to be disabled in the future again, a lot of posts are going to look garbled..
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Old 06-04-2003
OK, I'm turning it back off !!!! Neo
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Old 06-04-2003
Thankyou Neo! Smilie
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