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New to Mac OS X Terminal

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) New to Mac OS X Terminal
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Old 11-24-2008
New to Mac OS X Terminal

Hi everyone. I'm new to using the Terminal and was just wondering if anyone had a link to perhaps a list of commands. And tips on some useful websites to visit or books to read.
Oh and is there a way to delete just part of the Terminal's history? If so what is the command?

Thanks Smilie
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Old 11-27-2008
Mac OSX has most of the same commands as any other UNIX operating system; ls for listing directories, cd for changing the current directory, chmod for changing permissions, mkdir for making directories and rmdir for removing them, grep for finding text in files and sed for text replacement, man for viewing manual pages... Any general UNIX commandline reference should be able to help you. It also comes with the relatively friendly nano text editor. Where OSX differs from the UNIX commandline is mostly the presence of extra things, not things missing.

You can run 'man commandname' whenever you need to reread details on a specific command, and most manpages also list a few related commands down at the bottom, I recommend browsing through them.

As for editing your history list, the shell keeps its history in a plain text file named .bash_history, edit however you please.
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Old 12-10-2008
A good source to Bash and specific OS X commands can be found here: OS X commands

Yes, it is the "man" of the commands. But provides a good overview of all commands and easy to scroll and look for commands if you have forgotten the names and so on.

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