Darwin 10.4 - Gnome

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Darwin 10.4 - Gnome
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Old 08-20-2008
Darwin 10.4 - Gnome


I was curious about how one would go about installing gnome on darwin. As far as I know it must be harder than FreeBSD because there doesn't seem to be any ports for it.

Would you have to first set up a build environment (GCC etc...) and then compile it from scratch? or is there an easier way?

Would be quite a novelty using cheap arse Mac OS X Smilie

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Old 08-20-2008
Do you mean gnome as a window manager ? don't know if is possible without installing an XWindow server first.

You've got an X11 server on your regular MacOSXsystem DVD in the optionnal packages section

You'll also have to install XCode 3.1 (you can get it for free from the site Apple Developer Connection - Developer Tools and Technologies - Download Xcode after your registration to the ADC which is free also)

After that you must get the installer for one of the two main GNU packages ditributor : MacPorts or Fink.
Whether one or another is a matter of tastes. Both install their packages in their own directory. You will have to adapt your bash profile in order to access the binaries. After that through CLI or IHM you can get in the download section of the Apple site, you may download and recompile nearly any GNU stuff you want, even Scribus, Gimp, etc.
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Old 08-20-2008
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Old 08-21-2008
Ah, I was talking of doing it on the free darwin released by apple on its developers website as opposed to the actual Mac OS X.

It sounds straight forwards enough, I'll have a play. Would make a nice little project Smilie

Thanks for the info.
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