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can anyone suggest somewhere i might learn how to set up sftp and ssh on os x tiger? I dont find any literature on it other then suggestions of thirdparty programs to do this for you.Smilie
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Somewhere in the control panel there is a checkbox for "Enable remote logins".
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That is nearly all there is to it. Having enabled remote login, you should be able to connect from remote clients to the local machine (router firewalls allowing).

You should be able to find instructions specific to /etc/sshd_config and ssh_config from various mac tech forums, but basically you want to alter the two config files such that
-root cannot login remotely and
-ssh2 protocol is the only one allowed.

There is a lot of information about unix ssh setup out there and most of it is applicable...

Are you looking for specific information about locking remote users to specific folders?
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ya I definitely wanted to restrict users to specific folders that wouldve been my next ?

Smilie thanx Ill look up for that stuff...
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