MacOS 10.15 Catalina Crashes and Freezes on Boot

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MacOS 10.15 Catalina Crashes and Freezes on Boot

Sadly, I have turned off my access to the Apple Developers Beta program after installing macOS 10.15 Catalina a few days ago.

After the install, I rebooted by MacBook Air and it "hard froze" and we were heading out of town so I grabbed a backup MBA running Mojave.

Then, after getting back at my desk a few days later, it took me quite some time to recover from the macOS 10.15 Catalina meltdown.

The good news is that it's up and running again with a mid June time machine backup of Mojave.

The bad news is that I cannot trust Apple these days and have removed my Apple ID from the "beta program" until further notice.

Even more good news is that my systems will not be crashing and freezing up on reboot Smilie

Anyway, I don't see any new feature in Catalina that is useful for me personally and I like the Mojave visuals better than the Catalina visuals Smilie
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Just did another upgrade attempt, this time to Mojave 10.14.6 and it crashed my MacBook Air again!


Again, it will not restore from a recent time machine backup, even though I made a full backup before attempting to upgrade! Darn! What is up with Apple????

Will have to reinstall macOS from the net and recover / migrate from my time machine backup.

I am a hard-core Mac user, with four Macs (One 12 core 2013 Mac Pro, one Mac Mini and two MacBook Airs, two iPhones), and this is really getting annoying!

Am I going to attempt to upgrade my Mac Pro running Mojave 10.14.6? NO WAY!
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I wonder if its not to do with some untested hardware issue since apple using intel processors seem to have changed regularly the inners, things less current when under powerPC ( I still have 2 of them...). I am trying to figure out what in high sierra can make my powerbook pro of 2011 over heat... ( because I burnt my motherboard (graphics...) beginning July ) or go berserk from time to time, I have just assembled a new one but this time a late 2011 motherboard after buying a 2012 for later usage, and again it reaches over 40 C after 15 minutes not doing anything special, the 2012 is already in mojave but so far not much time to play with as still sick and just finished a 3 weeks antibiotics treatment... but into as I dont know anything about the inners of the Mac Pro and mac mini but if like the laptops I would not be surprised... Not insisting for now as we have a heat wave passing just now and was 34C yesterday ( last time it was 36C here...) Monday 25C announced so I will try again...
AS now Im using my wife's ( my ex-hospital usage laptop...) Macbook air which is now under Mojave and am surprised that it stays cool doing exactly the same thing and yes it does heat when I start heavy usage but never like the Macbook pro which can exceed 45 after only 15 minutes when I use it seriously...
My idea was to investigate on the heating control, could it be faulty for my old HW and so not reacting in time? as like you before burning it did crash a few times without to me any reason and I could not see anything in the logs explaining except a panic but can't find the cause...
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Trying a time machine restore for the second time (after checking the external hard disk, my backup disk, again) ....


Let's see what happens.

LOL, next time I'll clean the dirty screen before taking a photo ... hahaha (embarrassing) ... was in my luggage just back from a road trip.

Note: I thought this (before) was a Catalina Beta issue; but now upgrading Mojave give the same darn "installation" crash!
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Well, at least it is restored back to Mojave 10.14.6 Beta..... from my TM backup.

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Hi Neo...

I am certainly getting a little cheesed off with Apple's attitude; their latest incarnation...

This has nailed the coffin lid on Apple for me now, I will not be buying another Apple item:

Apple locks new iPhone batteries to prevent third-party repair, report says | Ars Technica

This, along with, the hardware interface added between MOBO and HDD to make the FORCED? encrypted DRIVE impossible to read from or write to from an external live linux boot source.
This addition supposedly makes it _impossible_ to install another OS on an external drive, let alone the internal one.
Not quite true there is a back door and this current MBP with its builtin HW add-on I have been able to fool it.
I still can't read or write to the internal drive but I run this current full install Linux mint 19 on it without any problems from both USB stick and this current external HDD...

I have 2 MBPs, 1 iMac, and 1 iPad...
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wisecracker, do you encrypt your macOS hard drives?


On another note.... finally I got Mojave 10.14.6 upgraded on my MacBook Air.

I'm not sure what the problem was, but my best guess is that is was related to being (previously) a member of the Apple Beta Testers program. Maybe these problems will go away over time since I have un-enrolled as an Apple Developer Beta Tester on all devices?! I don't recall any benefits for being a beta tester anyway Smilie but I have experienced a mountain of macOS crashes over time which I never seem to have before.
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