12-Core MacPro (2013) kernel_task over 1200%

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12-Core MacPro (2013) kernel_task over 1200%

Yesterday someone asked me to install TeamViewer and share my Mac screen with them while on a conference call.

I shut down my Mac before sleeping and woke up to some major problem with my 12-core CPU in hyperdrive, and the system activity monitor showed my Mac kernel_task was at 1,200% and the fan spinning so fast it sounds like a 737 Max 8 fighting its on AI.

Seems all that great "screen sharing" of TeamViewer added some kernel extension (kext) to my Mac and just destroyed it. I have never seen a problem like this since I owned this 12-core MacPro.

Update: The same problem persists after doing a full restore from a backup before I installed TeamViewer, so my apologizes to TeamViewer.

So, I'm lucky I had a backup from two days ago and am now completely erasing my disk to restore from backup:


It started out with a system message that the recovery would take 88 hours, but now it down to 34 hours, LOL.

I guess TeamView is not designed for high end Macs with 12 cores ;

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Over six hours into this MacOS Time Machine external USB restore process, and the progress is very slow:

Restored 28.51GB

Time remaining:  36 hours and 19 minutes.

Looks I will not be coding for the forums for a few days because it is really a pain to develop software on a 13" MacBook Air.

I'm starting to wonder if my 250GB SSD is going bad. Seemed fine before, no errors at all. I'll have to test it when (if) this very slow recovery process finishes.

Seems to be restoring from my USB external drive at between 4 and 5 GB per hour. That means there is at least nearly two days left to go.

All was fine until I installed TeamViewer yesterday; but I'm not convinced this problem is caused by an TeamView kernel extension.

OS: Latest Version of MacOS Mojave
Box: 12-core MacPro (Late 2013) with 64 GB RAM and a 250GB SSD.
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Nineteen hours into this caper, restoring an average of 3.5GB per hours over an external USB drive:

Restored 66 GB
Time Remaining: 37 hours and 43 minutes

But the most important event of that time period was that Tiger Woods won his 15th major championship and his 5th Masters, shaping and creating the best sports comeback story of our time.

Congrats Tiger!
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Wow... good news this restore is starting to speed up.

Restored 84GB
Time remaining: 25 hours and 45 minutes

I hope this pace of restoration continues!

I can actually see the needle moving!
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Restored 148.6 GB
Time Remaining: 6 hours and 18 minutes.

Let's keep our fingers crossed .....
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Back to a very slow restore crawl again.... now:

Restored 151.4 GB
Time remaining: 6 hours and 14 minutes

Maybe it will finish today?
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