Are you sure you want to quit Safari?

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Are you sure you want to quit Safari?


I cannot figure out where to disable this warning message in Safari.

Google says to disable something in Safari Tabs preferences but my Macs do not have that option in Mojave.

Anyone know how to disable the following so when I quit Safari it simply quits without the "freeze the screen" warning message (which I don't want)?

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I haven't found a way to disable it, but I haven't been looking.

I sometimes get that message when macOS is trying to close Safari when I try shutting down a system, but not always. I just tried closing Safari and it quit immediately with no complaints. I reopened it again and asked it to restore all windows from my previous session and it did so with no problems.

If it helps, I think that message appears when I have a pop-up notice that I haven't dismissed, but there may be other conditions as well.
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Yeah, thanks.

I had a similar issue recently when my automatic 2AM scheduled shutdown of the MacPro happens with the Terminal app open. I would wake up and see the Mac was in "do you really want to quit the terminal" mode and not shut down (man, I hate that .. LOL), but I found a preferences option to avoid this problem.

Now, when testing web dev apps in Safari, especially on login and registration pages where there are passwords to save, Safari will also stop an automatic shutdown. That's annoying for sure.

This 12 core MacPro uses so much electricity and generates a lot of heat. I don't like it when it runs all night when sleeping, so auto shutdown is a great feature; but now Safari is blocking.

It's not a big deal.

The reason I am using Safari so much these days is that Safari always clears the Javascript cache out "completely" (when I quit and restart the browser) when I am testing live versions of the new CP. I noticed that Opera and Firefox are really troublesome at clearing out the JS cache, even when I quit the browser completely; and Chrome is better but not much. Safari is really great about this. FF and Opera the worst. Chrome is in between. I don't have time to figure out why; but I guess it's some user configuration switch in Chrome I am missing.

So, I develop on Chrome and test live on the web site with Safari to save time, and that is why I'm noticing all these Safari quirks.

After I get past this major Vue.js UserCP project, I'll use Safari less and I will not notice it again.

For those interested, all the Vue.js Javascript development in done on MacOS using node.js and node package manager (npm)).. and node.js is built on the amazing Google Chrome V8 Javascript engine; and so I think this is one reason why Chrome works so great with modern web apps, since almost all current state-of-the-art web apps are built using node.js and V8 is core.

Frankly as a developer, If I tried to develop (anything state-of-the-art) on Firefox or Opera, I would get very little done and be miserable, LOL. Those browsers are really falling behind in 2019 and I am quite sure their downward spiral will continue because Chrome is focused on modern web apps and Firefox is focused on "privacy" and seeming trying to block modern web apps. This is fight which FF will lose for sure with developers. Safari works fine. Opera, well, I open it from time to time, but never use it for anything "useful" from a web dev perspective.

Drifting off topic again......

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I will have to try on my macbook air as on this one my pro i cannot upgrade above high sierra... and here I have no issues of the sort in safari
I quit - no message

So let me look...
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my macbook air is in mojave and Safari v 12.0.3
And no message when I quit...
I looked around in preference but found nowhere mentioning anything on Quit
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What am I to do to get there Neo? what in usercp ?
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The MacOS Safari issue not related to the new usercp I'm working on.

It is a Mac issue giving me warning messages when I close Safari and I want some code or preference or even a hack to insure Safari will always quit without any popup warning.

I'm using Mojave on three out of four of my Macs; and High Sierra on the other (because it is too old to run Mojave).

If I have time, I'll see if I have the same issue with High Sierra. Maybe it's a feature removed or missing from Mojave.

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