OS settings by commands

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OS settings by commands

hi please help me. i cant find how i can do this settings in terminal
one i find it not works on mojave, i color it purple.

# "Finder: items in the sidebar
show Mac
hide iCloud/recents

# "Settings-general-RecentItems - NONE"

defaults write -g 'NSRecentDocumentsLimit' -int 0
defaults write com.apple.Preview NSRecentDocumentsLimit 0

# "set F13(printScr) for save-screenshot-as-file"

# "set Alt+F13(printScr) for save-pic-of-area-as-file"

# "Mojave Settings-Update -ALL disable

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neo, i put explain of what i need to change in #, and down commands for sample what i mean, but this two commands just dont works.
its just system settings, but i need it like this way all in commands. (put screan just for sample)
I found almost everything I need, but this few i still cant find
OS settings by commands-11png

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