Diff between vim and macvim ( command \ll )

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Diff between vim and macvim ( command \ll )

Hello all!

I am quite a newbie in vim.

In MacVim the command \ll (That means \ + L + L) compiles my LaTeX file, which I am just editing, with the command pdflatex (coming out is a .pdf file) - But in my Shell-vim with only the command latex (coming out is a .dvi file).

Supplemental question: how to look for such kind of commands in vim :help ?

Oh sorry. An other question again: MacVim is inserting sometimes a <++> in my LaTeX file. Why? I have to remove it many times, while editing.

Thank you for your help

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VIMTUTOR(1)						      General Commands Manual						       VIMTUTOR(1)

vimtutor - the Vim tutor SYNOPSIS
vimtutor [-g] [language] DESCRIPTION
Vimtutor starts the Vim tutor. It copies the tutor file first, so that it can be modified without changing the original file. The Vimtutor is useful for people that want to learn their first Vim commands. The optional argument -g starts vimtutor with gvim rather than vim, if the GUI version of vim is available, or falls back to Vim if gvim is not found. The optional [language] argument is the two-letter name of a language, like "it" or "es". If the [language] argument is missing, the lan- guage of the current locale will be used. If a tutor in this language is available, it will be used. Otherwise the English version will be used. Vim is always started in Vi compatible mode. FILES
/usr/share/vim/vim80/tutor/tutor[.language] The Vimtutor text file(s). /usr/share/vim/vim80/tutor/tutor.vim The Vim script used to copy the Vimtutor text file. AUTHOR
The Vimtutor was originally written for Vi by Michael C. Pierce and Robert K. Ware, Colorado School of Mines using ideas supplied by Charles Smith, Colorado State University. E-mail: bware@mines.colorado.edu. It was modified for Vim by Bram Moolenaar. For the names of the translators see the tutor files. SEE ALSO
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