Does there exist a UNIX command to prevent docs' versions from uncontrolled erasing on logging in?

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Does there exist a UNIX command to prevent docs' versions from uncontrolled erasing on logging in?
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Old 01-16-2016
Does there exist a UNIX command to prevent docs' versions from uncontrolled erasing on logging in?

So far nobody on ASC, nor anywhere was able to respond to my issue and Google wasn't much of help either.

I started to experience the issue some time ago: my OS is Lion 10.7.5. It occurs in all apps that have the function of versioning (iWork which I have updated up to v9.2, namely, Pages 4.2, Numbers 2.2, Keynote 5.2; TextEdit, Preview, Automator, perhaps ScriptEditor which I don't use but which might be the app that creates docs, and thus chances are is prone to the issue too). The symptoms include the following behavior:

I create a document, while I'm working being logged into current session I'm able to browse all the versions. Then two scenarios follow:

1. I log out and in this case when starting a new session and continuing my work in one of aforementioned apps I find all versions unavailable to view with the line No previous versions available in the black placeholder where the cascade of previous versions is typically shown. (see the pic below)

2. When going to the hidden folder named /.DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1 I'm able to see all the versions of all the docs I'm currently working with (or was working recently) stored in its corresponding subfolders but unable to open them with the popping message reading something like "the file [a long line combined of digits and letters] cannot be opened because its format is unsupported" (not 100% accurate as don't remember exact wording). Prior to that I had been able to open all these files in this hidden directory successfully but later something happened that prevents me from doing so. In the second pic you can see all these files. The files with .srt tag are normally opened with TextEdit.

The last and the oddest thing is that even these are erased after some time for the reason I can't state with 100% certainty but that I guess is somehow related to logging out and in.

I attempted a number of fixes within the scope of my knowledge including changing permissions/ownership recursively of this hidden directory to my username but it seems it worked for a short span of time only to renew later.

So I arrived to conclusion that this is under the hood issue and executing series of UNIX commands could help.

Do there exist such commands?

Thanks for your help
Appreciated greatly
Does there exist a UNIX command to prevent docs' versions from uncontrolled erasing on logging in?-versionspng
Does there exist a UNIX command to prevent docs' versions from uncontrolled erasing on logging in?-versions_hiddenpng

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