I don't know how to put this, an Apple Audio HW bug?

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I like these little computers. Beagleboard is the brand I ended up using. Full-fledged enough to compile its own programs. If you can do that on RP, that's worth the effort and extra space IMO, much less throwing files around and version mismatch problems update problems etc etc etc.
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It's not possible to format a write-protected DVD-R Hard Disk.
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CD(3pm) 						User Contributed Perl Documentation						   CD(3pm)

Audio::CD - Perl interface to libcdaudio (cd + cddb) SYNOPSIS
use Audio::CD (); my $cd = Audio::CD->init; DESCRIPTION
Audio::CD provides a Perl interface to libcdaudio by Tony Arcieri, available from http://cdcd.undergrid.net/ Several classes provide glue for the libcdaudio functions and data structures. Audio::CD Class init Initialize the Audio::CD object: my $cd = Audio::CD->init; stat Stat the Audio::CD object, returns an Audio::CD::Info object. my $info = $cd->stat; cddb Returns an Audio::CDDB object. my $cddb = $cd->cddb; play Play the given cd track (defaults to 1). $cd->play(1); stop Stop the cd. $cd->stop; pause Pause the cd. $cd->pause; resume Resume the cd. $cd->resume; eject Eject the cd. $cd->eject; close Close the cd tray. $cd->close; play_frames $cd->play_frames($startframe, $endframe); play_track_pos $cd->play_track_pos($strarttrack, $endtrack, $startpos); play_track $cd->play_track($strarttrack, $endtrack); track_advance $cd->track_advance($endtrack, $minutes, $seconds); advance $cd->advance($minutes, $seconds); get_volume Returns an Audio::CD::Volume object. my $vol = $cd->get_volume; set_volume $cd->set_volume($vol); Audio::CDDB Class discid my $id = $cddb->discid; lookup Does a cddb lookup and returns an Audio::CD::Data object. my $data = $cddb->lookup; Audio::CD::Data Class artist my $artist = $data->artist; title my $title = $data->title; genre my $genre = $data->genre; tracks Returns an array reference of Audio::CD::Track objects. my $foo = $data->tracks($info); my @tracks = @$foo; Audio::CD::Track Class name my $name = $track->name; Audio::CD::Info Class mode Returns the CD mode, one of PLAYING, PAUSED, COMPLETED, NOSTATUS; my $track = $info->mode; print "playing" if $info->mode == Audio::CD::PLAYING; present Returns true if a disc is present. $cd->play if $info->present; current_track Returns the current track number being played or paused. my $track = $info->current_track; first_track Returns the number of the first track on the CD. my $track = $info->first_track; total_tracks Returns the total number of tracks on the cd. my $track = $info->total_tracks; track_time Returns the current track play time: my($minutes, $seconds) = $info->track_time; time Returns the current disc play time: my($minutes, $seconds) = $info->time; length Returns the disc length time: my($minutes, $seconds) = $info->length; tracks Returns an array reference of Audio::CD::Info::Track objects. my $foo = $info->tracks; my @tracks = @$foo; Audio::CD::Info::Track Class length Returns the track length time: my($minutes, $seconds) = $tinfo->length; pos Returns the track position on the CD: my($minutes, $seconds) = $tinfo->pos; type Returns the track type (either TRACK_AUDIO or TRACK_DATA): if ($tinfo->type == Audio::CD::TRACK_AUDIO) { print "audio track "; } elsif ($tinfo->type == Audio::CD::TRACK_DATA) { print "data track "; } is_audio Returns true if the track is an audio track; equivalent to the test: $tinfo->type == Audio::CD::TRACK_AUDIO ? 1 : 0 is_data Returns true if the track is a data track; equivalent to the test: $tinfo->type == Audio::CD::TRACK_DATA ? 1 : 0 SEE ALSO
Xmms(3) AUTHOR
Perl interface by Doug MacEachern libcdaudio and cddb_lookup.c by Tony Arcieri perl v5.14.2 2011-11-15 CD(3pm)

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