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Mavericks log rotation

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Mavericks log rotation
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Old 05-15-2014
Mavericks log rotation

In Mavericks, Apple has apparently moved control of log rotation to ASL. There's a 'ttl' value to determine how long log files will stick around for. I can compress them, change the way they're named, limit them by size, etc. But the one thing I cannot find is how to NOT keep one log file per day... I want to be able to say this log file should rotate weekly, or monthly, or every X days.

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AUDIT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  AUDIT(8)

audit -- audit management utility SYNOPSIS
audit -e | -i | -n | -s | -t DESCRIPTION
The audit utility controls the state of the audit system. One of the following flags is required as an argument to audit: -e Forces the audit system to immediately remove audit log files that meet the expiration criteria specified in the audit control file without doing a log rotation. -i Initializes and starts auditing. This option is currently for Mac OS X only and requires auditd(8) to be configured to run under launchd(8). -n Forces the audit system to close the existing audit log file and rotate to a new log file in a location specified in the audit con- trol file. Also, audit log files that meet the expiration criteria specified in the audit control file will be removed. -s Specifies that the audit system should [re]synchronize its configuration from the audit control file. A new log file will be cre- ated. -t Specifies that the audit system should terminate. Log files are closed and renamed to indicate the time of the shutdown. NOTES
The auditd(8) daemon must already be running. Optionally, it can be configured to be started on-demand by launchd(8) (Mac OS X only). The audit utility requires audit administrator privileges for successful operation. FILES
/etc/security/audit_control Audit policy file used to configure the auditing system. SEE ALSO
audit(4), audit_control(5), auditd(8), launchd(8) HISTORY
The OpenBSM implementation was created by McAfee Research, the security division of McAfee Inc., under contract to Apple Computer Inc. in 2004. It was subsequently adopted by the TrustedBSD Project as the foundation for the OpenBSM distribution. AUTHORS
This software was created by McAfee Research, the security research division of McAfee, Inc., under contract to Apple Computer Inc. Addi- tional authors include Wayne Salamon, Robert Watson, and SPARTA Inc. The Basic Security Module (BSM) interface to audit records and audit event stream format were defined by Sun Microsystems. BSD
January 29, 2009 BSD

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