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Safari Temp Internet Files Location

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Safari Temp Internet Files Location
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Safari Temp Internet Files Location

I'm looking for help with finding where plugin data and other page resources are stored on the hard disk in safari 6.0. With the new update, the activity window has been merged into the develop menu under "show page resources" and one cannot access them directly.

I tried running opensnoop to see if I could find where the resources are being stored and end up with useless cache files and files that are deleted within seconds. Does anyone know where resources like a streaming video are stored? Are they stored in temp files? if so where?
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With a 64 bit O/S, they could be in VM. Maybe the streaming video is not cached, or is cached by the video plugin. Can you find the local copy of simple html files?
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Nope. Using opensnoop or running du to look for folder size changes just reveals caching by the safari web content process, and other activities like updating the saved application state or updating browser history. I searched the file ~/library/caches/ (safari's main cache) and the streaming video is not cached there.

The plugin i'm using to play the video is simply flash on youtube. I'm not interested in plugins that will download the video for me, I'm looking to do this manually, mostly for academic reasons.
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Is there wget for apple? Save it direct from the net!

The existence of such plugins may be a hint that video is normally buffered but not cached. Remember disk and ram were not so cheap last year. Maybe someone makes a caching player plugin, so videos are 100% saved as they are played. In the internet age, imagine and google. Smilie

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