Upgrade to Lion (Version 10.7.3) for MacBook Air

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Hi Guy's,

I've been considering the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion, but will probably wait just a little while longer. I have a (Sept 2010) MacBook Pro, it has been an excellent machine - I also have a 21" iMac and a standard MacBook all of which perform.

The issue that I have is that on the MacBook Pro I run Virtual Box and Solaris 11 among others, as does one of the guys that I work with. He has recently come across an interesting feature - which we have not been able to resolve so far.

Once he upgraded to Lion and when running the Solaris Virtual Machine, if he left the Macbook and it went into hibernate the following happened.

1 The MacBook got very hot.
2 If the power cube was plugged in it became too hot to touch.
3 When you eventually got onto the Virtual machine typing was near impossible due to repeating keys.
4 When you could have a look around - the 15 min Load Average on the Solaris Virtual M/C could be well up into the 2000's.

I'm guessing that this is actually a Virtual Box problem, just high lighted by Lion. We are going to go to Mountain Lion on his machine, to see if that resolves the problem.

I have been in touch with Oracle as the latest version of VBox was used as was a downloaded virtual machine from them. I'll keep people posted if there are any changes.

I do like the look of Mountain Lion, really getting towards what Sun's Project Looking Glass was all about - just you don't need an enterprise class server to run it!


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