Where should I install an alias file under UNIX bash ?

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Where should I install an alias file under UNIX bash ?
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Where should I install an alias file under UNIX bash ?

I have a file named 'aliases' which contains a list of aliases like:

alias loc='locate'
alias h='history'
alias .='pwd'
alias ..='cd ..'
alias cd..='cd .. ; pwd'


Where should I put this file (alias) so when Terminal launches .bash and thus a shell at opening , this file could automatically be launched with it ?
There is a file named .bash under some directory which I hesitate to modify because it is read-only. Smilie
I just need to execute automatically the UNIX command sh aliases at every window opening under Terminal.

I own a PowerBook Mac with OS Lion 10.7.2
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I usually put aliases in $HOME/.alias, and . (or source) it from $HOME/.bashrc (or .profile. or .cshrc, etc).
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