Apple scripts and "get from list

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Apple scripts and "get from list
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Old 09-09-2011
Apple scripts and "get from list

i have this code that i want to run but it is not working

i.e if the user slected say production it will then run the command for production

any ideas what i need to change

set question to choose from list {"production"}
set answer to question
if answer question is "Production: then 
   tell application "iCal"
       getURL" http:///intranet/prod"
  end tell
end if

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Old 09-09-2011
Not missing a double quote somewhere? (line answer...)
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Old 09-09-2011
sorry i miss type it in the post
there should have been a " around Prodcution
in my script i do have it correctly done

---------- Post updated at 09:08 AM ---------- Previous update was at 06:38 AM ----------

sorry here is my code fully

set theQuestion to choose from list {"Prodcution", "201sa", "SS Meeting Room", "503ms"} with prompt " Choose a Calendar to Subscribe to"
if theQuestion is false then
    display dialog "You have clicked cancel" with icon stop buttons {"Exit"}
    if item is equal to "Prodcution" then
        tell application "iCal"
            GetURL "http://intranet/webdav/Conferance_Room.ics"
        end tell
    end if
end if

if i click on producation it does not do anything

thanks for the help
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Old 09-09-2011
In general, you should seek help regarding AppleScript from AppleScript related sites. Likewise, Ruby from Ruby, Python from python...

The forums are primarily targeting command line scripting issues, involving shell commands one might use in bash, ksh, sh, and the like.

But, to your specific AppleScript issue, in the post containing "sorry here is my code fully" change the line that tests for "Prodcution" to this:

if theQuestion contains "Prodcution" then

No need to set another variable to the contents of theQuestion.
When you lack feedback from AppleScripts, create your own.
display dialog "You chose " & theQuestion

I'm a bit rusty on the ol' applescript. Sorry.
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Old 09-09-2011
thanks, after some messing around i got it to work

you suggestion on debugging works perfectly

btw i am not a big fan of applescript, it just works nicely for users who need a GUI, Buttons etc

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Old 09-22-2011
here is a snippit I modified your code using Safari instead of Ical, it was easier to pull a webpage as a demo than an iCal doc ;

	choose from list {"Prodcution", "201sa", "SS Meeting Room", "503ms"} with prompt " Choose a Calendar to Subscribe to"
	if the result is {"Prodcution"} then
		tell application "Safari"
			make new document at end of documents
			set URL of document 1 to ""
		end tell
	else if the result is {"201sa"} then
		tell application "Safari"
			make new document at end of documents
			set URL of document 1 to ""
		end tell
	else if the result is {"SS Meeting Room"} then
		display dialog " you eat f00"
		tell application "Safari"
			make new document at end of documents
			set URL of document 1 to ""
		end tell
	end if
on error errMsg number errorNumber
	display dialog "sumthin broke"
end try

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