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Alpine 2 on Snow Leopard

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Alpine 2 on Snow Leopard
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Old 12-07-2009
Alpine 2 on Snow Leopard

I've just installed Alpine on Snow Leopard but can't seem to get a default spell checker configured for it. What happened to spell? I can't find it at all on 10.6, must have been some changes. Does anyone know about the default unix spell checker on SL? Thanks!
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spell(1)						      General Commands Manual							  spell(1)

spell, spellin, spellout - Finds spelling errors SYNOPSIS
spell [-b] [-i | -l] [-v | -x] [-d hash_list] [-s hash_stop] [-h history_list] [+word_list] [file...] spellin [list] [number] spellout [-d] list The spell command reads words in file and compares them to those in a spelling list. Default files contain English words only, but you can supply your own list of words in other languages. STANDARDS
Interfaces documented on this reference page conform to industry standards as follows: spell: XCU5.0 Refer to the standards(5) reference page for more information about industry standards and associated tags. OPTIONS
[Tru64 UNIX] The following options are for the spell command only. Checks for correct British spelling. Besides preferring centre, colour, programme, speciality, travelled, and so on, this option causes spell to insist upon the use of the infix -ise in words like stan- dardise. [Tru64 UNIX] Specifies hash_list as the alternate spelling list. The default is /usr/lbin/spell/hlist[ab]. [Tru64 UNIX] Speci- fies history_list as the alternate history list that is used to accumulate all output. The default is /usr/lbin/spell/spellhist. [Tru64 UNIX] Suppresses processing of included files through the and troff macros. If the -i and -l options are both specified, the last one of the two options entered on the command line takes effect. [Tru64 UNIX] Follows the chain of all included files (.so and spell(1)

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