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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) NFS Mount
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Old 10-06-2009
NFS Mount


Im trying to mount an nfs share. But got a bit of a problem.
The problem im having is that i try to mount

The problem is that the is owned by root.
I know i can make a mount point - > /pub/home

But that means i have to do this for every user, and there is a lot of users to do this on.
So my question is this. Is there anyway to use wildcars. Somthing like this :$users - > /pub/home

So that when i login the mount will use the specific user to mount the home dir.

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Old 11-26-2009
In the event you do not know this I will briefly outline the process. To setup multiple home folders in the recommended fashion you need to:

1) Setup DNS with forward and reverse lookups for you server. You will need to run the changeIP script on your server after if this was not the case at server build time.

2) Setup your ldap directory services in Server Manager.

3) Set your /pub/home folder as automount in Server Mgr/Sharing

4) Create your users using Workgroup Manager. You can import batches of users but if you are not familiar with the ldap import format you will want to use a program like passenger to create the import files.

5) Once the users are created you can can specify their home folder path in the Workgroup Manager Home folder tab if you did not specify the NFS and AFP paths in your import files by first clicking on the user name, then the home tab.

6) Finally, you can create all of your users home folders using the /Applications/Utilities/ and the command:
sudo CreateHomeDir -s

Any future users can easily be created using presets (click on an existing user, click on the Presets dropdown/save preset located in the bottom of wgm window to create a preset) and their home folder created using workgroup manager by clicking on the 'create home now' button in the home tab, then click the save button.

The details for each of these steps is outlined in Apples manuals available from their website support documentation area.

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