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Permissions trouble with WebDav

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Permissions trouble with WebDav
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Old 09-26-2009
Permissions trouble with WebDav


I need some advice about using WebDav in Mac OS 10.5

My problem is that I mount a WebDav folder in the hard drive pointing to a webdav directory service running under apache (it's Alfresco, if you know it) but the permissions of this directory, when mounted, are only for the user who has mounted it. When I try to access the directory through an application running in the apache, it runs like other user (appserver in this case, the system's default) so it can't read or write in this directory.

I try to change the folder's owner/permissions but it is not possible (access denied, using sudo...). So my question is: is there anyway of changing this folder permissions/owner when it is mounted? Or allowing the system's default user accessing this folder?

I mount it this way:

sudo mount -t webdav <webdav_directory_host> <folder_in_hard_drive>

and the permissions are:

drwx------ myuser

If you can help me it would be great! And sorry for my English, I'm still studying it.

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vfs-filesystems - Filesystems provided by tclvfs SYNOPSIS
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Most of the vfs types listed above have not been very well debugged as yet. Please test them! SEE ALSO
vfs, vfs-fsapi KEYWORDS
file, filesystem, ftp, http, metakit, namespace, tar, vfs, vfslib, webdav, zip COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Vince Darley <> Copyright (c) 2003 Andreas Kupries <> Tcl-level Virtual Filesystems 1.0 vfs-filesystems(n)

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