MAC OSX and UNIX server based software

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) MAC OSX and UNIX server based software
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Old 10-09-2003
MAC OSX and UNIX server based software

I am a MAC user evaluating electronic medical record software. I found a package which is UNIX server based. Can anyone tell me if MAC OS X can be used in this situation. The software is nexgen (

How UNIX "compatible" is MAC OS X?

I apologize for my very limited UNIX knowledge.

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Old 10-09-2003
Computer yes

Yes you can use unix base apps in mac os X. Mac os X is based off of bsd 4.5 and the update 10.2 is based off of bsd 5.0

Mac os x is in a nut shell is unix but with out bash you can use any unix apps in os X if you need gui apps goto goto the mac os x download place and get bash
or get X11 for os 10.2 that will let you run native true unix apps and linux apps in os X or you can run every thing from the shell or in X is called termial
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Old 10-09-2003
there is also a project called fink which aims to make available complete unix tools to osx users. i dont know off hand the address of the fink website, so search google, you will find it there.
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Old 10-11-2003
Data Bash?

Bash shell from what I know is available (built-in) but OS X doesn't use Bash-like shell for it's front default

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Old 10-11-2003
Computer New Mac OS X on the way

Wait a 2 weeks and see the OS X 10.3 With a lot more UNIX stuff!

Freebsd 5
Apple X11 (built-in)
Gcc 3.3 Dev tools

and more
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Old 10-18-2003
i think panther also comes with bash as the default shell. :-)
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Old 11-16-2003
Make sure the company supports OSX, if not, you could be in trouble if the product doesn't work as expected. Also, be sure they have a product available for the Apple platform. Software compiled for Intel, or Sparc will not run on XServe.
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