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What is your favorite Linux distro?

Poll: What is your favorite Linux distro?
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What is your favorite Linux distro?

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# 29  
Originally Posted by funksen
I use gentoo on my desktop pc at work and slackware on my sony vaio

both are great, I also tried debian and ubuntu several times, but I've always destroyed the package system Smilie
Me too. I remember using Mandrake... it was so outraged that I'd upgraded my kernel without permission that it refused to install anything ever again. Gentoo didn't miss a beat.
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I have been a slackware user, since 1992.

This does not mean slackware is "better or worse" it is simple what I have used for nearly 15 years, LOL.
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I recomend Debian, becouse it's distro who coding a lot of volunteers. And deb is friendly for user Smilie

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MySQL What is the best Distro? Hmmm...

For me, anything with the Debian packaging system will do. I have been using Debian for quite some time now (still a newbie though Smilie), and I'm quite impressed with its improvements. I also give credit to DSL, that Darn Small Penguin really works wonders. DSL rocks! I use it as a troubleshooting tool when I fix Windoze PCs. It helps in determining whether PC problems are hardware-based or software-based. I have also tried and install Solaris, FreeBSD, and Red Hat but I kinda discontinued it because I had difficulties installing it Smilie. But I still plan on continuing to try and use them Smilie. For me, what is important is the flexibility of the kernel, a packging system that I can use well, and a good hardware/software interface that maximizes the potential of the system. Smilie

Windoze XP / Debian GNU/Linux Dual Boot
AMD Duron 700 MHz
256 MB RAM

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Can anybody tell what exact Fedora is used for other than 'general' & 'desktop usage.

Is Solaris good?

I want a unix/linux OS that can teach me everything about linux and it must be the most compatible OS out there, because I'm going to buy some unix/linux books and I currently have Xubuntu 6.10 Edgy installed but I'm curious that the books I buy and the functions/commands in those books & the teachings would working with Xubuntu.

Thank you very much

(Sorry for my English, I can't write full sentenced and all clear writing)
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I use Ubuntu and/or Kubuntu when I use GNU/Linux. I have Beryl too wherever I can, I find I'm more productive with it.
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