Block ip csf

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Old 07-06-2016
Block ip csf

I want to ip
Unlike the rules of conduct
For 15 minutes to be blacklisted
Which part should I change settings file
With special thanks
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Old 07-06-2016
Please tell us if this is what you want:
Block (blacklist) ip address for 15 minutes. Then restore it (remove from blacklist).

How do you intend to trigger this event? In other words, what has to happen to make the program or script blacklist an ip address?
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mnnn (07-07-2016)
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Old 07-07-2016
I want to if some one for example DOS to my server for 15 minute got in my black list

And after 15 minute was removed to black list

Is it possible to csf isnt it ?

But what do I have position auto to black list ?

For example I suppose in port 80 to 70 second have connection

It was drop correct but don't send it in iPio black list

To prevent DoS Attack the best and most firewall configurations , which is open source

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