/usr/bin/sh xlc not found

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Old 03-26-2015
/usr/bin/sh xlc not found

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to compile Kerberos library using xlc and we get an error that xlc is not found in the system.

We tried using gcc as well but it also fails with the same error. We could not find the compiler in the software media we received from IBM.

Any inputs on how to download / install xlc compiler on AIX 5.3

Thanks and Regards
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Old 03-26-2015
xlc is a non-free Compiler - you have to buy it from IBM.
If you want gcc, you can have a look here from

My Open Source packages for AIX and Linux on POWER

Here the link to latest rpm:

If you have dependencies to be satisfied, you should have a look in his repositories for the other packages needed.
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Old 03-26-2015
the link you provided is gcc for AIX 7.1. The last version for AIX 5.3 is 4.8.2, e.g.:

if you have to compile only one program you can download 60-day trial from IBM:
Trial download: XL C/C++ 13.1

if the link doesn't work, just go to ibm.com, choose Support & Downloads -> Trial & Demos -> All Software -> X -> IBM XL C/C++
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