What editor does everyone use?

Poll: What is your preferred text editor?
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What is your preferred text editor?

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I use vi for shell scripts on Solaris (at work). I use xemacs for anything more involved, especially for Perl, with syntax highlighting. I've opened my emacs-edited Perl scripts under vi and been very, very afraid. It's like trying to watch a movie with no picture.

Emacs is more for the hardcore, IMHO. There's sooo much to it! But since work came to dominate my life, I don't have time to modify it any longer. If I was new to UNIX/GnuLinux, I probably wouldn't take the time to learn it.

However, vim has syntax highlighting and though I don't use it too much, it seems decent. I use vim mostly in Windows. It's great for those who are used to vi!
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MySQL best editor?

for me its vi...but whicever editor the user is learing first & using for some (considerable) time, then that will become their first editor......
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I prefer VI. I port a lot of Visual C/C++, and other M$ files on to my linux box, and it helps me get rid of the CTRL-M an other odd characters.

Vi's also useful if you don't have access a mouse.
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Vi and emacs.

For simplicity, there is nothing like vi. vim does a good job highlighting stuff and is more powerful.
But I think for syntax highlighting emacs is better. But I hate to use xemacs, since I have to run into X which kills time.

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I use both vi and emacs. I use vi when I'm on a systems I don't have accounts set up on or when I need to do quick edits. Emacs has so much fuction and is so extensible that I use that for any serious development.
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