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What is your preferred text editor?

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Originally Posted by AZbase10
Hardcore UNIX noob here. I'm not shocked to see vi(m) so high on the list.
Learning to use vi is so easy, I've done it dozens of times. Smilie

It is...eccentric, and not designed for a modern keyboard. But knowing vi can make or break your ability to fix an unfamiliar system. Knowing the very, very basics has been crucial to me a few times. (esc :wq = quit and save, esc :q! = quit without saving, esc esc esc = stop doing whatever I turned on by accident, esc i = stop beeping at me and let me type already you stupid program, esc d d = delete the line)

Also, the pico editor is a bit old, wedded to the pine mailing program, and has some problems as a general-purpose editor(its insistence on linewrapping everything, a horrible thing to do to a script or configfile). nano is the modern equivalent if you can get it, the pico interface plus a little more. You'll find it more places than you find pico these days.

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VI is what I have been using since last 3-4 years. Simultaneously I was using UltraEdit which I liked most.
Since past few days, I have moved to new project where there is no licensed version of UltraEdit. So I was looking for it's replacement. Then I found Notepad++ which is pretty good too. Syntax highlighting, column mode selection etc....are there.
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I have diffrent fav's per task/env...

cli-simple/quick edit: nano
cli-long edit: vim

For GUI i'd selected gedit just until yesterday, but today i favor: Sublime Text.
To me it feels like its got the best of: MS .Net, gedit, geany, codeblock and of course emacs.
Only drawback is, its only a free (but yet still...) unlimited evaluation copy.
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