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What editor does everyone use?

Poll: What is your preferred text editor?
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What is your preferred text editor?

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Old 06-24-2005
google's Unix or Linux Image
google google is offline Forum Advisor  
I second what dangral posted - once you learn it you will love it - its a very powerful editor
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Old 06-24-2005
tmarikle tmarikle is offline Forum Advisor  
Registered User
more to dangral and google's point: vi seems clumsy at first but once you have taken advantage of vi's considerable functionality once or twice, you won't be saying "I hate it" anymore. In fact, you're going to be quickly downloading a Windoze version.
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Old 06-25-2005
blowtorch's Unix or Linux Image
blowtorch blowtorch is offline Forum Advisor  
vi is king!
Old 06-25-2005
Perderabo's Unix or Linux Image
Perderabo Perderabo is offline Forum Advisor  
Unix Daemon (Administrator Emeritus)
I have added a poll to this thread. If you would like another editor added to the poll, just say so in a reply.
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Old 06-25-2005
zazzybob's Unix or Linux Image
zazzybob zazzybob is offline Forum Advisor  
Registered Geek
I agree that vi is the way to go. And if you know vi, you'll be able to use line editors such as ex and ed when you're using some screwy old terminal or coming in via a really slow modem or serial link.

Learning vi is a *huge* investment, and will be an invaluable skill to add to your Unix skillset....

BTW for those who are unsure - vi is pronounced Vee Eye. We've got people at work who pronounce it "Vie" and that is definitely not the done thing How we snigger

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Old 06-26-2005
ErNci ErNci is offline
Registered User
I use a computer

but normally ill also load an application up

normally Notepad or Crimson Text Editor for coding becuase Im Primerily a Microsoft Product
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Old 06-29-2005
zylwyz's Unix or Linux Image
zylwyz zylwyz is offline
Registered User
pico - for users, mcedit - for programmers, vi - for professonals
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