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Distribute Master's Thesis Under GPL?

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Old 06-24-2002
Lightbulb Distribute Master's Thesis Under GPL?

What does everyone think about distributing a Master's thesis under the GPL? If this license is not appropriate, is there a corresponding license which offers the same thing for documents?

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Munin::Master::Group(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Munin::Master::Group(3pm)

Munin::Master::Group - Holds information on host groups. Groups can be nested. METHODS
new my $group = Munin::Master::Group->new($name, $parent); Constructor. $name is the name of the group. add_attributes $group->add_attributes(\%attrs); Sets attributes %attrs for the group. Valid attributes are: node_order Override the order of the hosts within the group. local_address The local address the update process should bind to when contacting the nodes in this group. contacts The contacts for this group. See <>. An exception will be thrown if invalid attributes are provided. (Full details here: <http://munin->.) add_host $group->add_host($host); Adds host $host to the group. give_attributes_to_hosts $group->give_attributes_to_hosts(); Propagates the attributes of $group to all hosts in the group. (This does not apply to hosts belonging to sub-groups.) get_all_hosts my @hosts = $group->get_all_hosts(); Returns the list of all hosts associated with this group, including those belonging to any sub-groups. perl v5.14.2 2013-11-12 Munin::Master::Group(3pm)

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